Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Made You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

I was recently asked, "what made you decide to become an entrepreneur? Was it family flexibility? Was it more money? The chance to work from home?"

What made me want to become an entrepreneur was really all the above and more. I wanted the family flexibility, more money, and also be in control of my own destiny. I see so many people work so hard, long hours, and sacrifice so much of their own time and family time in order to achieve success. In order to maintain that success, one has to keep up that level of effort and time. Network Marketing gives me an opportunity to work for myself and control how much I want to work and when I want to work. It is not an over night success but with time, commitment, and belief in yourself, it can give you the financial freedom that everyone dreams about.

What are your reasons???

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