Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Network Marketing - Creating Solid Contacts While Giving Back to Others (Part 2)

When you think of network marketing, one often thinks in terms of meeting as many people as you can with the potential to expand  your contact list and spread the word about your business. And yes growing your contact list is important in growing your business even more so in the Direct Marketing Industry where word of mouth is the core of your business.

However, there is much more to network marketing than just growing your contact list, but also building solid relationships that will take you the distance. Change your perspective from what can I sell to this new contact, but rather, what can I do for them today. Is there something I can do to add value to their life or business? Positive experiences will lead to positive referrals to others, increased networking, and better potential for financial success.

Set Goals

Every day try to add a new contact to your network (1 per day would be 365 per year). Set a goal on how you can help someone within your network with a small thoughtful gesture either personally or professionally.This can be as often as you would like and are able to do. My personal goal is 2 x week. Sets goals that are attainable to you.

Remember: When building a relationship with a new contact, it is not what can they do for you, but what can I do for them. How can I make a positive impact in this person's life?

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