Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook Restrictions?

Should there be an age restriction to have a social media account such as Facebook?
I have been recently thinking, should there be stronger restrictions on having a Facebook account?  Some kind of age minimum?  I know it probably would be hard to completely enforce it but it may deter some kids and parents for allowing their children to have these types of social media accounts.  It is just crazy to me how mean some children (even adults) can be when posting. It is almost like sometimes people forget their are actual human being with feelings behind the so called "friends" that they are connected to and posting to. I think teens and even preteens are not mature enough to understand the consequences to what is said.  This is a time in a child's life where they are the most impressionable and vulnerable and maybe not as self-assured.  As we all know it can sometimes result in loss of life.

What do you think...should kids be allowed to be on Facebook or other social media sites??? After all it's initial intent was for college students. Should you be at least 18?