Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coffee Talk with Mom Sponge

I am going to try to take five minutes a day to truly listen to my thoughts. Sounds so simple, but sometimes we forget with all the noise and distractions around us.  It surprises me how sitting with yourself can bring such clarity and purpose in your life.  With that being said, why is it so easy to forget the importance of self discovery?

~ Silence Brings Wisdom ~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook Restrictions?

Should there be an age restriction to have a social media account such as Facebook?
I have been recently thinking, should there be stronger restrictions on having a Facebook account?  Some kind of age minimum?  I know it probably would be hard to completely enforce it but it may deter some kids and parents for allowing their children to have these types of social media accounts.  It is just crazy to me how mean some children (even adults) can be when posting. It is almost like sometimes people forget their are actual human being with feelings behind the so called "friends" that they are connected to and posting to. I think teens and even preteens are not mature enough to understand the consequences to what is said.  This is a time in a child's life where they are the most impressionable and vulnerable and maybe not as self-assured.  As we all know it can sometimes result in loss of life.

What do you think...should kids be allowed to be on Facebook or other social media sites??? After all it's initial intent was for college students. Should you be at least 18?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take Time To Listen

I love listening to another's perspective on a topic even if I do not agree with.  It gives me a new way to see something that I may not have thought of before. There is so much learning that can be done by others just by listening. Take the time to listen and your wealth of knowledge will be endless.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Stay At Home Mom and Mompreneur

So, over the past few years since the birth of my twin girls, I have dabbled in various things in the attempt to add a little extra income for my ever growing expenses. One of my latest dabbles was becoming a Thirty-One Independent Consultant.

Two things that I learned from this experience... (1) that I a not a sales person and (2) it takes more time to get started than I have with 3 girls ages 7 and under and only two days a week to do it (minus volunteering for my oldest at her school, cleaning the house, and any appointments I may have that I am trying to squeeze in). I was also probably spending more money than I was making trying to build on my original starter kit that I bought for $99.  I think if you are a strong seller this is the right job for you and if you are not...in this economy it might not be a money maker you hope for.

Overall, the product is great as I am still doing some on the side.  There were a few products that had some quality control issue, which I think is due to the huge growing pains that Thirty-One is experiencing with its increasing popularity throughout the country. But the backbones of this company has good intentions as well as some great ladies!

So in the end, back to what I really like to do and that is blogging. Maybe I can incorporate Thirty-One and blogging "what I love" because they do have some super cute stuff including great lunch bags, utility bags, totes, and purses! Great bags too if you want to go green. One of my faves is the Large Utility Tote!

Top 10 Uses for the Large Utility Tote from Thirty-One

  1. Great GREEN alternative. Carry to Grocery Store, Wal-Mart or wherever and DON'T use their plastic bags--they certainly won't think you stole that personalized bag! :)
  2. Scrapbooking
  3. Sam’s, Costco, etc. shopping
  4. Tailgating
  5. Great place to store toys in between the two bucket seats of any car
  6. Bring to the Beach-- towels, lotions, food and your thermal totes with drinks in it
  7. Using it for laundry for the kids is a GREAT idea!!! It can work well for both Clean and dirty what a great idea!
  8. “Trunk” for vehicles or sports equipment
  9. Gift wrapping supplies
  10. Carrying in firewood

View the Large Utility Tote and the different patterns available!

**Disclaimer (If you should find any spelling errors or any other type of error, do not hold me responsible for I have 3 kids who have taken 80% of my brain)