Thursday, July 28, 2011

Standing By Our Core

I have been reading this great inspirational book and found this great passage.  It speaks to keeping with the integrity of our core.  The word "courage" comes from a combination of cor, which in Latin means "heart" and courage. In French this means "the capacity to stand by our core". To value our needs and honor ourselves. To have the capability to put ourselves first, to steer away from the "wants and shoulds".  And change them to I am, I need, and I can.  When we put ourselves first it allows us to love others that much more.

I have to right to honor who I am, what I need, and what I can do.
I have the heart to love and support myself.
                                     - written by Sue Patton Thoele

Friday, July 15, 2011

Has Your Kid Become the Queen of Sarcasm?

As my daughter is approaching 7, yes I said 7, the sarcasm is starting already. After reading this article, I am obviously not alone.  This got my attention, after already receiving my first "duh" from my daughter during a conversation we were having, that I was suppose to obviously know the answer to. How do you keep the sarcasm at bay and not let it get out of control? And could they possibly be learning it from us without even knowing it? How to teach them where to draw the line (being respectful) while still keeping a sense of humor! Continue Reading!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is TV As Bad As They Say?

As we move through this noisy world, with more and more gadgets to keep us connected and busy.  The same question holds true.  Is TV really that bad for kids?  I wonder that all the time myself, as I have to admit, we are TV junkies.  I do try to keep it to minimum for the girls, but definitely lean on it for cranky times in the afternoon with my twin toddlers.

First thing in the morning is great as well, as it allows me to put toothpicks to keep my eyelids open and get my morning cup of joe.  So as I see this email from, I had to click in to see what the experts are currently saying. After reading, I still do think at a minimum it is ok.  I have to admit as a stay at home mom, it is sometimes the thing that keeps me sane :0). What do you think?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caylee's Law

Caylee's Law - After a stunning verdict of not guilty yesterday in the case against Casey Anthony, comes the potential law called Caylee's Law.  This law would make it a felony to not report a child missing.  If only this law would have been in play at the time of the incident.  We will never know what really happened to poor little Caylee but maybe this law will bring just a small amount of peace for her. Vote for Caylee's Law!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dermalogica - My Favorite Skincare Line!

For those of you looking for a new skincare product or just want to try something different, I highly recommend the Dermalogica Skincare Line.  I have been using this product for about 10 years now.  I have just recently started using the Age Smart Line and my skin feels phenominol, extremely smooth and brighter!

Other Great Products from the Dermalogica Line!
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
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The Verdict Is Out - Casey Anthony is NOT GUILTY

As many of you have probably read already, Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY.  When I first heard about this case there was so much uncertainty and mystery to this story is was mind boggling.  First, if she was not involved how could she not report her daughter missing immediately to the authorities?  Then as her story started unraveling along with her bizarre behavior, there was not a doubt in my mind that she was not involved in some form.

news-national-20110703-US.Casey.Anthony.TrialAs I heard the verdict being read on the radio in my car today, I was in disbelief.  I felt like I was reliving the OJ Simpson case.  People are talking about it already! I will definitely be interested in hearing from jury members on where the doubt in this case was. How is it that some juries get it so wrong some times???  Where is the justice for little Caylee??? Continue Reading