Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Share, Grow, and Win!

Sharing is Caring!

Simply share one of your favorite post from your blog, meet new friends and grow your visitor traffic, and you will be entered to win a $25 gift card. Pick a post that you think would be most interesting to read.
Simple Rules:
1. Become a follower to my blog.
2. Give a brief description of your article and include a link to the full post. (In your comment include Share, Grow, and Win!
3. Automatically enters you to win!

The winner will be drawn and announced Tuesday, May 2nd. 

* You choose where you want to spend the money.  Merchants to pick from include Gap, Banana Republic, Macy's, Barnes and Noble, Pottery Barn, and many more.  To View Full List of Merchants

Good Luck and Thank You for Participating!


  1. Hello Patty, this is Patti! Nice to meet you!


  2. Hi Patti!

    Nice to meet you too! Thanks for visiting my blog! Leave a post that you think people will like and you could win $25 dollar git card :) Have a great week!

  3. Hey I am all about meeting new moms and sharing my blog and who couldn't use a $25 git card LOL Nice to meet you I am an author so I sent you to one of the blurbs from my book The Crazy Daze of Motherhood. Enjoy :) and here is my link http://janeisfeldstill.blogspot.com/2011/04/emergency-response-team.html

  4. Thanks Jane for participating!!! I winner will be drawn next Tuesday :)

  5. I am going to post my first poem that I have written. It is called the Acceptance of Me! I wrote it for another site that I write for.


  6. Jane,

    Congratulation you are the winner! You should receive your gift card shortly!