Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Self Development Series ~ Building Confidence

What Does Your Inner Voice Say to YOU?

Are you often your biggest critic when something does not go exactly as planned?  That inner voice can be a harsh sometimes.  In certain situations, I find myself thinking the worst outcome before I know what it is.  When I read this article, I could really relate to this woman's experience.  I could see myself in the words she she was speaking.

This author used an example of a job interview that did not go so well.  She had begun to blame herself immediately. The pessimistic inner voice about herself took over which included dialog that she was not good enough and other candidates must be more qualified than she was.  When she looked at it through a more optimistic lens, the interview did not go well simply because it was not a good fit for either side.  When it is a good fit you connect with the person your interviewing with and in return you are generally more confident and secure and you come across that way.

 Follow these simple steps to change your inner voice!

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