Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rejection Therapy

Do You Avoid Rejection???

Do you go out of your way to avoid rejection at the workplace? I know I am not a big fan of it myself.  But what if we looked at rejection as a life lesson or as the beeping sound on our GPS that signals our next turn.  After reading this article, I found this author's perspective amazing and endearing.  The hard truth is what we need sometimes to hear in order to improve or perhaps realize we need to go down a different path. The next time someone critiques a writing, a project, or something you've put forth, take a step back and see if it is valid.  Take time to absorb it.  If after some thought you find validity in their point, learn and grow from it.  If you feel it is not valid, maybe it is a sign to go a different direction towards something even bigger!

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Inspirational Thought
You haven't failed until you quit trying.

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