Friday, February 18, 2011

To Make the Bus or Not to Make the Bus...that is the Question?

Today We Made the Bus!

To go back in time when you are six years old, where your biggest worry is what to wear in the morning and how can I torture my parents.  And every decision is so extremely difficult.  I do remember trying to find that "perfect outfit", however, I do not remember worrying about it quite so young.  And also don't remember torturing my parents while doing it.  Some days progress so smoothly, while others not so much.  Although these days are fewer, when they do occur, I think OMG, I have two more girls to get through in this lovely process of finding the "perfect outfit" and getting out the door in the morning. We are in so much trouble....


Happy Friday!

Good thing she is so darn cute! My Sofia...


  1. Your mother might have a different view on if you looked too long for the right outfit! although I do think you were much older! lol Sofia is so beautiful Patty!

  2. I LOVE this and can totally relate. I have 3 girls AHHH!!! I think you get more for your money with the girls LMAO! LOVE it ;)
    I'm absolutely following--from bloggy moms.