Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reclaiming Your Life

Dear Bloggers,

What inspired me for today's blog was when I was watching the show "In the Middle" on ABC.  As like many of you , I can relate to the character Frankie in this episode.  You don't know how it happens but your kids slowly take over your life without even you realizing it.  You love them and that is why it happens but you don't even realize as it is happening.  That is why this blog is something for me, a part of me that I am reclaiming.  Who knows maybe I can reclaim my house too, although probably not quite yet.  I probably have to at least wait until the babies know what I am saying :0)

If you have the time watch this full episode of "In the Middle", so funny!

Here is the clip!

Patty (Mom Sponge)

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  1. I LOVED this episode!! I keep talking about it. What's even funnier than the episode itself is that I watched it with my 1 yr old after a looong weekend of taking care of him. (My husband was sick with a canker sore. Yes... the doctor diagnosed him with a canker.) Anyway... it was a long weekend of kids shows, kids songs, preparing kid food (you know how it goes) and watching the episode was the first time I sat down all weekend - and did something just-for-me. By some miracle, my 1 year old watched the whole episode with me on my lap. And at one point, after many, many laughs at the show, my son looked up at me lovingly, reached up and gave me a kiss. As if to say, "Awe, mommy's laughing at her show. She deserves it." Awe.... [sniff]