Monday, January 10, 2011

Learn More About Adrenal Fatigue

Natural solutions for adrenal fatigue -- restoring the energy you thought was lost

I have recently started going to Northeast Center for Holistic Medicine located in Bedford, NH  I started taking supplements addressing adrenal fatigue due to stress, post pregnancy, and also recovering from a full hysterectomy.  Adrenal Fatigue is something you may not hear from your primary doctor or your OBGYN.  I was feeling not only tired and drained even after a good night sleep but also irritable and short tempered.  I started taking a supplement and noticed a change immediately.  Take the time to listen to your body as many don't realize the toll stress alone plays on your body. Learn more about the role of your adrenal glands plays in your body. Learn more now


  1. Intersting, What suppliment was it that helped you.

  2. For my Adrenals I take Eleuthero and for my joint pain I take EPA-DHA (concentrated and Stabalized Omega-3's). That has been really helpful for my feet.