Friday, January 28, 2011

8 Reasons to Slooow Down

Dear Friends,

As many of us are constantly on the go it's no wonder why many of us are on edge and feeling like we have to fill every free moment with something or if we don't, feeling like we should be. I have started meditation and although it is hard for me to sit in silence, I am seeing the value in it on many levels with the help of a great instructor.  Even just sitting with a warm cup of coffee and holding it in your hands on a cold day or sitting in the car with the warm sun hitting your face (even though it is freezing outside and of course the heat is on! :0).  For more info on how go to (Winding down the pace of your life just a tad can make you happier and healthier).  Enjoy your weekend!

Patty (Mom Sponge)

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